Child of the week: Gui Gui (Gabe)


Gui Gui (Gabe) is a kind-hearted and smart 5 year old boy. In class he loves to answer the teacher’s questions, hear her compliments and also help the other students in the classroom. He is in our most advanced kindergarten class. He has been at Bethel since he was a year and a half.IMG_0359 (1)One of his favorite pastimes is to play supermarket. He’ll usually choose to be the shop assistant and tell you all the things he has available, such as the products and deals of the day. He even knows that you can buy things online, but promises the things in his store are the best!

We love his creativity. To see more about this happy boy, watch his video here! Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 9.49.39 PM

He is usually shy with strangers but very considerate to those close to him. One day the teacher called in sick and the following day, Gui Gui asked the teacher if she was feeling better and reminded her to drink lots of water and rest. We are so proud of this caring little boy!

gui gui

Gui Gui is looking for a family! for more information please contact

To find out more about Gui Gui and how you can sponsor him, have a look at his profile here!


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