Sponsor a Child

For $35 USD or 300rmb per month, you will be supporting a Bethel child as they grow up in a safe and loving environment, giving them the chance to become self-sustaining in the future. From their food and clothes, heating and water to school books and therapy, the Bethel sponsorship programme is designed to meet everyday needs.

We believe that sponsorship is not just about the money, and we encourage sponsors to be involved in the lives of the kids, through sending letters, skype calls, and organising visits.

To find more about how sponsorship makes a different, watch Gui Gui (Gabe)’s video! With the opportunities he has received at Bethel, at just four years old he is confident at playing, running down the halls, going to school, art and craft activities, riding the bus and being in the outside world. He is a loving little boy who has opened his heart to his caregivers and teachers.

Sponsorship makes a real impact in the lives of the children, and you will find that it also makes an impact in the life of the sponsor too! Have a look at the sponsorship stories of some of our sponsors who share some reasons why they sponsor children at Bethel, and how they chose their sponsor child.

What are the donations used for?

The sponsorship of a child covers daily expenses: meals, clothes, hygiene, food, school equipment, therapy, salaries of the nannies, cooks and household staff who take care of each child every day.

Sponsoring a child is a great way to see what Bethel is doing in the lives of the children that we serve. You will be able to see a child’s progress, learn about how they have learned to walk, to read, go to school and take part in activities. It is a great way to see the ongoing and continuing work of Bethel.

You can follow the journeys of the children through our facebook page (facebook.com/bethelchina.loveisblind) and you can email us if you would like some more updates.

Having sponsors in their lives means that there are more people in the world who love the kids, who encourage them, advocate for them, and help to make their lives a bit happier.

Thank You! We are thankful for all our sponsors who partner with us to ensure that Bethel kids live life to the fullest!

We love our kids and we are very proud of them and inspired by them.

For more information about sponsorship, email tabitha@bethelchina.org

Bethel China Church Info Packet 2013

For information about how your church can support Bethel China, download our ‘Church Packet’ at the link above. It is full of ideas to get the whole community involved in learning more about orphans and children with visual impairments in China.

Featured Bethel Kids

Here are a few of our kids that we would like to highlight. Each one of these kids is currently in need of additional support. Please consider supporting one of our kids.