Xiao Guang (Sam)

Xiao Guang came to Bethel when he was fifteen. We believe he suffered abuse and neglect as a child, and at first he was unable to do anything by himself. He had the language and living skills of a three year old, and often only repeated words. He shook when sitting or standing, and he couldn’t walk, hold objects, feed himself or communicate with others. Since coming to Bethel Xiao Guang has made immense improvements. He can walk with his cane, feed himself (though he can’t use chopsticks because he has a condition with his joints) and he talks all the time. Xiao Guang has even learned a lot of English and can communicate well with English speaking visitors. He has an excellent memory and often remembers obscure facts about people he has only met once, or only heard about. He has also recently began some vocational training, and sells candy to visitors and staff who come to Bethel. He loves talking to new people! One of his favorite activities is singing. If you walk by him humming a song he hasn’t heard, he will make you sing it for him, and can usually join in after hearing it only once. We are really proud of the progress he has made!

What do you like to do for fun? I like to go for walks outside.

Do you like your job? Yes, I like to sell candy to visitors.

Who are some of your favorite staff at Bethel? I like talking to the farmers.

What else do you like to do? I love singing in Chinese.

Is there anything you want to say to everyone about yourself? Someday I would like to go to America.