Li Long (John)

Li Long (John) arrived at Bethel in 2008, when he was 8 years old. He was shy at first and did not speak very much, but he soon found his voice and confidence. Now he loves meeting new people and has the best smile!

Li Long IMGP7012_2

At Bethel, he was able to receive therapy and training. He has an eye condition called Cortival Visual Impairment (CVI) and has received some vision training to improve his vision. Over the years, we have watched him grow from a little boy to quite an independent young man. He was in Bethel’s preschool for six years, where he learned many subjects. He has some learning needs, which means he struggled at school.

Li Long loves listening to stories and watching movies. He also likes craft activities and is fascinated about cars. He is usually quiet among his peers, and is happiest when running around outside like most boys his age. He helped to run the Bethel shop for six months in our Doudian project.

Li Long

In June 2014, Li Long moved to a new home to our Lighthouse Project! He is now the assistant to Ding Ding, our driver and handyman in this project. He loves shadowing him and helping with projects, and likes driving all over the place to run errands. We know that Li Long is going to flourish with so much individual attention. Now that he is a teenager, it is important for him to have a good role model to support, encourage and advise him as he grows into a man.