Xin Ai (Isaac)

Isaac is a sweet boy who has epilepsy and mental delays. He was left at the gate of Bethel when he was just two years old and his parents couldn’t be found. Because of these unusual circumstances, he is the only child at Bethel that doesn’t have a vision impairment. Isaac’s favorite things include playing with cars and bouncing with the big therapy ball. He always has a big smile on his face whenever a ball is around! He likes to be outside and enjoys being around small dogs. Though he can’t communicate verbally, he lets us know when he is happy or sad! Isaac is currently in our special needs class. He didn’t used to be able to walk up the stairs by himself, but since his class is upstairs, he has learned to go up and down by himself! We are so proud of his every little achievement! Unfortunately, Isaac has aged out of China’s adoption program, so we cannot find a family for him. He is very happy at Bethel and loves getting attention from his teachers and caregivers.