Adoption Information

The Chinese adoption process is run by the China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA).

Bethel China is not an adoption agency. We do not have any official role to play in the adoption process.

However, many of the children in our care are looking for families and their documents and paperwork are on the adoption lists provided by the CCCWA. In our care, we have children aged 1-13 who are looking for families, with many more boys than girls looking for families. To see the children who are paper-ready for adoption, visit our Adoption Advocacy Page.

Since 2003, 80 children who have been in Bethel’s care have been adopted, and we are so thankful! Many of these families are willing to share their experiences with those interested in adoption. “Exposed to Hope” is an E-book of family stories written by parents who have adopted a child with a visual impairment. The stories were compiled by Bethel China. Purchase your copy for $2.99 here.

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Watch this video of Grace’s adoption and an interview with her parents about why they chose to adopt a blind, older child from China:

GRACE Interview by Bryon Lippincott.


Finn adoption video by Sharing Dots

Ted adoption video by Sharing Dots

China Adoption: Where to start researching

Bethel China’s PINTEREST Boards: For lots of information and advice about parenting a blind child, education, teaching braille, literacy, numeracy, doing craft, games, activities, information abut parenting a child from baby to teenager to independent adult. Educate yourself!

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