Adoption Advocacy

This is an adoption advocacy page for children who are currently receiving care and education through Bethel China (or, who have in the past). Each child listed here is paper-ready for adoption and is on the shared list or a known agency website.

Bethel China is NOT an adoption agency. All families must go through an adoption agency in their country to start the process of adoption.

Click on a child’s photo to find out more about them (Open in a new tab). You can also check Bethel’s Facebook page for regular updates. Each child is incredibly special, with a unique history and personality. We love them all and we are proud of each one. We have an individual, long-term education plan for each child, but we want to do our best to advocate for them on their behalf to ensure that each child has the opportunity to experience the love of a family.

Children aged 0-14 are able to be adopted through China’s special needs programme.

A note about girls: Little girls (aged 0-4) are often assigned to an adoption agency through an agency-orphanage partnership, and are not generally listed on the shared list. There is a long waiting list for little girls and they usually get matched with a family very quickly. This means that it is difficult to locate their paperwork.

A note about boys: Boys with minor needs are overlooked in favor of girls, as more families are open to adopting girls than boys. We have many wonderful little boys currently waiting for a family aged 1-13. They are a delight and a joy.

The children come from orphanages all over China and they come into one of Bethel’s homes where we provide a safe and structured environment with education, love, community, family and therapy. The orphanages prepare their adoption paperwork.

If you see another child on our website who you are interested in adopting, then please email us to find out if we have any information about them. We can provide details for your adoption agency to find their file.

If you have any information about the adoption status of these kids, please let us know.

For more information about adopting a child with a visual impairment or a specific child or if you would like to join our advocacy team, please visit our adoption information page and/or email tabitha(a)

You can also find out more information about parenting a child with a visual impairment on our Pinterest page!

To support these kids while they are at Bethel, join up for our child sponsorship program and become a sponsor!

Let’s find families for these wonderful children!