An Qi (Zoey)

Zoey was born in December 2013 and has been such a sweet addition to the Bethel family! She arrived in March of 2018 and when she came she could barely walk and wasn’t talking. Within just a few short months Zoey has been begun talking, walking with confidence and has been doing great in mobility and orientation class! She loves music and sometimes she likes to make her own by clapping her hands, humming or banging the table. Her favorite song is Old Mcdonald had a farm where she can make animal noises and she especially loves going “Quack Quack”. Her absolute favorite though is giving and receiving kisses. She’s always so happy when we blow her a kiss and she is always blowing kisses to her favorite teachers and caregivers.


We’re so proud of how far Zoey has come since coming to Bethel!