Binhan (Benjamin)

Binhan arrived at Bethel in July 2016 at 3 1/2 years old. He loves to explore and we are pretty sure he is fearless! His first week, he bumped in to many things because he wanted to examine everything in his new environment. He loves to explore different textures and likes to trail his hand on the wall so he can feel when the surface changes. He likes to knock on things to hear the different sounds that objects make. Upon arrival, he wasn’t speaking any words but “Mama!” However, in class every morning they sing the “good morning” song and now he can sing it perfectly! He has also learned his classmate’s and housemate’s names and can say his own name. He can only speak in short sentences, but he can answer questions. In his class, there is a toy that sings songs about numbers in Chinese and English, and he loves to repeat the toy. Though he doesn’t understand it’s meaning yet, we can tell he will catch on quickly. He loves music, and can carry a tune as well as memorize a song after hearing it once. He also loves to play with a toy doll that talks, and he will talk back to it. Benjamin can run and he is starting Orientation and Mobility classes. Though he wasn’t thrilled about it in the beginning, he is doing well now.  He’s also working on learning how to feed himself. This sweet boy is matched a family and we are so happy for him!

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Benjamin is matched with a family. We are so excited he will be getting adopted soon