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Corporate Responsibility


Thank you for your interest in joining the dozens of companies who have committed to helping Bethel improve the lives of China’s VI children. Partnering with Bethel can help your company achieve its CSR goals by offering the following benefits: 


- Opportunity to make a real social impact

- Innovative volunteer, sponsorship, and employee engagement projects

- Ethical leadership

- Transparency and integrity

Companies may choose to partner with Bethel China on CSR projects for the following reasons:


Bethel Culture


-  We have a clear target group: visually impaired orphans in China.

-  We incorporate high-quality foster care, education, therapy, medical care, environmental issues and social awareness into our projects.


Employee Engagement


-  We have individual support packages for employees as well as companies to encourage matching donations and personal engagement.

-  We encourage companies to use their area of expertise to support us in a creative way (IT, construction, education, monitoring and evaluation, design).




-  Project Reports will be provided, highlighting progress and financial accountability.

-  Bethel can issue a tax-deductible receipt in the International countries that we are registered in.

-  Bethel’s professional Board of Directors is available to assist, answer questions and help with communication challenges.




The sustainability of operations is extremely important. Like any organization, we have a responsibility not only to our target group, but also to our employees who are directly responsible for taking care of our children and ensuring that our programs run efficiently.

Some examples of unique partnerships that Bethel has made include:


- The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel have trained our chefs and cleaners in cooking and hygiene, allow us use of their ballroom for our Christmas Concert each year, and employed a Bethel graduate.


-  JinDingXuan donated funds for building repairs in the aftermath of serious flooding damage in Fangshan district. JinDingXuan  also supported each Bethel employee to receive a health check, and provided food for our staff Christmas party and ‘Children’s Day’


-  Immerqi provided technical support by promoting Bethel’s volunteer program to find skilled volunteers to serve with Bethel.


-  Geneva Global funded our Outreach Project, which conducts eye screenings and visual awareness workshops across the country so that more orphanages and families can be impacted by Bethel’s work.

We can draw up individual CSR packages to support your companies CSR goals and targets. To arrange a meeting or to visit our foster home to see our work in person, please email

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