Dong Qiang (Thomas)

Whenever an adult gives Thomas special attention, they are sure to get a big, bright smile in return! He loves being hugged, talked to, and played with. Thomas was born in November 2004 and has been in Bethel’s care for a long time. He has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy as well as a visual impairment. Thomas can track people with his eyes, so we know he can see some things. Though he’s not verbal, we can tell by how his face lights up how much he loves special attention.

Thomas has stretching therapy every day. We can tell that it makes him uncomfortable, but afterwards he is very smiley and happy. He has recently made some progress with mobility in his arms, and he can now move his arm to help hold his bottle and the spoon when he’s being fed. He is in a wheel chair and can’t move on his own, but he still has an adventurous spirit—his favorite activity is going to hippotherapy (therapy while on horseback). Thomas also likes playing in the pool in the summer time.