Exposed to Hope: Stories from Families who have Adopted a Child with a Visual Impairment

Exposed to Hope presents thirteen stories of ordinary, extraordinary families who decided to embark on the process to adopt a blind or visually impaired child from China.

Parents write honestly and beautifully about the why, the how and the what happens next of the adoption process. Through real life examples, they share their experiences of meeting their sons and daughters for the first time, navigating the medical and educational system for visually impaired children, and what life as a family looks like for them. Chapter titles in this 100+ page ebook include:

  • Advocating for school services for your (blind, ESL) teenager
  • Adapting to the reality of special needs after a “healthy child” adoption
  • Blind parents adopting blind children
  • Adopting a child with albinism
  • Adjusting to life in a family after life in an institution
  • Adopting a child with a history of cancer
  • English language learning for visually impaired children

The intent for this book is to close the gap between concerns about adopting a child with a visual impairment and the reality of what is actually required, in the hope that more parents will move forward to adopt a child in need of a family.

“Exposed to Hope” is free for the ‘Find My Family’ June Campaign. Grab it here!


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