Fu Ming (Andrew)

Fu Ming came to Bethel in 2004. He is autistic and completely blind. Though he cannot verbally communicate, he can understand and follow instructions. Because of his autism, Fu Ming took some time to adapt to Bethel. With a lot of patient, loving care and a consistent schedule, he has come a long way!

Since coming to Bethel, he has learned how to keep himself clean, become toilet trained, and he can now sleep through the night. He has great self help skills, he can even button his own shirts and fully dress himself. Though he is completely blind, he has an almost supernatural sense of his environment around him. He never bumps into anything! He doesn’t ask his Ayis to give him a hand, because he doesn’t want any help. As soon as he goes outside, he likes to run all by himself.

Fu Ming loves to play one on one with his Ayis or familiar adults. He enjoys being tickled, and is affectionate with people he knows well. He loves doing sensory activities, and feeling different textures. He is often curious about what an unfamiliar object might taste like.

In January 2016, he started attending our new program in his original orphanage in Jiaozuo. This center was started as an early intervention center and long term care center for children with multiple needs. It has taken his some time to adjust to his new routine but is doing very well with the other kids that have joined the program

He is a lovely child and we are happy to watch his progress here at Bethel!