Guo Guo (Rory)

Guo Guo (Rory) is a sweet little baby who arrived at Bethel in July 2014 when he was 16 months old and lived with us until June 2015. He loves to eat and loves to be cuddled.  During the time he was with us he hadn’t learned to sit or stand yet but he could hold his own bottle and his nannies were working to help him build up his core strength so he could stand on his little legs.


Guo Guo’s favorite activity is to put his hand to his mouth and to blow bubbles and make noises. He does it until he is red in the face! It makes him and all the nannies laugh when he makes this funny noise.

Rory1 rory2 Rory3 Rory4


Rory is blind, has CP and had some seizures while he was under our care.

Even though Rory is now back at his orphanage we want to continue advocating for him to increase his chances of his family finds him. We can’t wait to hear he is matched with his forever family