Hai Feng (Rupert)

Rupert was born in July 2007, is blind and is on the autism spectrum. He is learning signs to communicate, and he is also starting to talk. He loves being able to communicate his needs. Rupert loves exercise and moving his body. He likes to dance and spin around, and he loves to jump on the trampoline. Morning exercise is always the highlight of his day! He likes to play with cars and he is able to use signs to ask his teacher for the toy he wants to play with. He has great orientation and mobility skills and he can get around Bethel on his own. He can feed himself, dress himself, get his own water, and go to the bathroom on his own. He is really improving with extra therapy and we think he’d do even better with a family of his own! Rupert loves to be ticked and cuddled, and he often asks his caregivers to rub his back.

Hai Feng is paper-ready for adoption. For more information, visit our Adoption Information page or email adoption(a)bethelchina.org.