Han Qi (Anna)

Anna has been at Bethel for several years. We believe she may be on the autism spectrum, and she didn’t like to interact with people very much in the beginning. Anna started learning some self-help skills soon after arriving. She can put on her clothes, feed herself, and use the bathroom independently. Her gross motor skills are a little delayed because trying new things is still scary for her. She loves music and playing with the therapy ball. Anna can say simple sentences and she loves to interact with the caregivers she is familiar with.


In February of 2016, Anna was diagnosed with acute Leukemia. At first the doctors weren’t very hopeful, but they didn’t realize that Anna is a fighter and she has an army of supporters from around the world! She has completed her fourth round of chemo and is doing well. Anna currently lives at an apartment near the hospital with two caregivers who are with her around the clock. Because her immune system is compromised, no one else is allowed to visit her at this time.

When she first started chemo, she resisted her treatments and fought, screamed, and pushed everyone away. (We don’t blame her one bit!) She now tolerates them quite well and is such a courageous little girl. She can now take short walks around the hospital and she has lost a little weight. We would love to see this little fighter with a family of her own!