Jia Jia (Ricky)

Ricky arrived at Bethel in June 2017 and is such a fun and smart boy! One of his first questions about Bethel was if we have a piano and loves creating music on the piano and guzheng. He’s completely blind, but a fast learner. He quickly learned Bethel’s layout after just a few days and fell in love with his cane after his first lesson! Bethel teachers are still drilling him on the fundamentals, but he already can find his way to the playground and back with the cane and won’t leave Bethel without it!

Ricky has a July 2011 birthday, has great self help skills and is great at communicating his needs to his caregivers. He is in our English classroom and is already saying numbers, animals and basic phrases. Each time Ricky receives praise from his caregivers he has the cutest giggle and we’re so excited to be able to teach him more!