Jian Ruan (Ryan)

Jian Ruan came to Bethel when he was 3 years old, but he didn’t know how to stand, or crawl. He was only able to drink milk because he hadn’t learned to chew food. When he came into Bethel’s care, his teachers spent a lot of time building up his muscles and strength in his legs, and he is now able to stand, and walk. At first he hated it! He cried every time his ayis tried to practice his exercises, but he is doing much better now and he is pleased with himself! He is also able to eat the same food as other children his age. His birthday is in April 2010.

Love is Blind in Zhengzhou is located within the Zhengzhou social welfare centre, who have provided a space for Bethel to care for their visually impaired orphans. The centre was opened in December 2011. We have some wonderful ayis and teachers at this project and we hope that our project in the Zhengzhou orphanage will be an example to other orphanages, and that we can be a witness of high-quality care. These visually impaired children in Zhengzhou live under Bethel’s care in 2 apartments near the orphanage. Bethel provides specialized care, therapy, medical checks and education for these children.