Jiaozuo Project

At the beginning of 2016 we were so excited to start a new project with the Jiaozuo Social Welfare Center. With the help of AFAC, a Spanish organization, we were able to bring in five children into our early education center in January inside of the orphanage premises.

Between April and May of 2016 we were able to add four more children. We have seen some incredible changes in the children since they moved into Bethel’s care. Children of seven and eight years of age finally learning how to walk, feed themselves and learning to explore and play with toys.

Each child has an Individual Education Plan to help them work towards goals in areas including cognitive skills, language, socialization, self-help, fine motor and gross motor skills. Early intervention in the life of a child is extremely important, and we are so excited that these children are introduced to love at a very early age and being able to have all the love and attention every child desperately needs.