A 3-12 month internship with Bethel China is a unique experience. You will become a part of the Bethel team which seeks to support Bethel’s children in our vision: to live a life to the fullest. See below for a list of positions available. Interns will receive a certificate of completion and recommendation letters can be written.

Bethel China currently needs team members that have experience in the following fields:

Teaching Positions
Preschool/Primary school
English Braille 
Orientation and Mobility
Early Childhood Development 
Early Intervention (babies/toddlers)
Therapy Positions
Speech and Language 
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy 
Medical Positions 
Organisational Development
Report writing
Graphic Designer
Translator (English, French, Chinese)
Website support
Communications and Marketing
Adoption advocacy

We hire full time ayis/nannies to look after our children. They are thoroughly trained and the team of nannies works 24 hours a day to care for Bethel’s children. As a result of this, caring for the children on a day-to-day basis is not necessarily a need that interns need to fill.

Some positions (teaching, therapy) must be done on site. Other positions including organisational development can be done remotely. Please contact us to find out more.

Bethel China does not provide a salary, but we do provide accommodation, food, utilities and an airport pick up.

Team members based in Beijing

For those who live in China who would like to work with us, we will ask you to commit to work with us on a regular basis (eg. Once a week for 6 months).

You can also be placed on our list of volunteers to contact if we have a project, activity or event that requires volunteers. Please contact info(a) for more information.

Team members from overseas

In our experience, we have found that an ideal time for a volunteer to stay is a minimum of 2 months. This is so that they can become familiar with the project and have the best impact. Prospective volunteers with experienced backgrounds may be able to come for shorter periods of time.

Chinese language is not necessary but it is very, very helpful. If you do not speak Chinese, it would be better if you commit to come for a longer amount of time to give you more opportunity to settle in and build relationships with the kids and staff.

Each applicant is considered on a case by case basis, dependent on our needs. Please contact: anna(a) for more information.

Bethel China partners with Immerqi, a leading provider of educational, work and volunteering services. Immerqi helps Bethel manage our volunteer and intern program by offering a comprehensive package including Visa assistance, 24/7 personal support, and a one week orientation tour. It is still possible to apply directly to Bethel but we would appreciate it if you submit your application through Immerqi. This will not only enrich your own volunteer or intern experience but you will also support Bethel. A part of the Immerqi fee will be directly donated to Bethel so that our free-board and lodging policy can stay in effect. Click Here to visit the Immerqil/Bethel website. Bethel China can also individually process your application.

Employment Positions

We employ paid staff on a case by case basis. Employed members of staff are generally long-term team members who commit to working with Bethel for a minimum of two years.