Junnan (Jackson)

Junnan arrived at Bethel June 2017. He is a seven years old little boy and likes to be called by his full name. He has vision in one eye. He is adjusting to Bethel very well and is constantly exploring his new surroundings. Junnan is a very smart little boy. He communicates really well with his caregivers and teachers. He knows how to do math, write pinyin and some characters. He loves to learn; he will even ask for homework! Currently, he is learning the alphabet and learning how to write letters and spell as well. He is very helpful in classrooms; he likes to help his friends and the teachers. He likes to be a little helper and will ask to help with chores. He likes to play tricks on the teachers as well. He loves video games, transformers, kungfu and skateboarding. He has an adorable laugh. We love him so much and is loved by all of his little brothers and sisters!

Jackson is matched with his forever family!