Fang Tao (Edward)

Edward is a twelve-year-old boy who is blind and has lots of energy. He has been at Bethel since he was four years old. He loves one on one attention and really thrives when he believes that someone thinks he’s special. His favorite class has been learning English, and though it’s been a while since he had consistent lessons, he still remembers a lot and practices it whenever a foreigner is around.

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Because of his boundless energy, he is on a low sugar diet and often gets a sticker or a balloon instead of a sugary snack. He gets lots of exercise, especially before class, to help him be still. He is very considerate with his caregivers and wants to please people very much. He has good self-help skills and helps around the house.

Fang Tao is matched with a family. We are so happy he will be adopted soon