Li Ping (Lizzie)

Lizzie is a joyful ten year old who has been with us for around 4 years. She is blind but has light perception, and being in the sunshine is her favorite activity. If it’s a sunny day, you can always find her at the window making shadows in front of her face. Lizzie is on the autism spectrum, but she has improved so much. A few years ago a speech pathologist came to Bethel and began to teach and her teacher some sign language. The gift of communication opened up a new world to this sweet girl, and she can now do a lot of signs to express her needs and desires to her caregivers.


After being in the sun, her second favorite activity is playing in the pool! Lizzie loves to be in the water splashing, and she loves water fights. She will often grab the hose and start spraying her friends. She has so much joy and love in her heart for her teachers and caregivers. She loves to be hugged and tickled and is very affectionate. Her most recent sign was, “Teacher, I want you to tickle me!” She also loves jumping on the trampoline and gets some exercise on it every day. Lizzie has great orientation and mobility skills. She can walk back and forth from her house to the school all by herself.




Li Ping is paper-ready for adoption and we would love to find a family for this precious girl! For more information, visit our Adoption Information page or email adoption(a)