Bethel Foundation

Guillaume Gauvain 

Delphine Gauvain
Zachary Johnson 
Business Development

Bethel China Directors

Susan Qu
China Country Director
Judy Liu
Education Director

BBQ (Bethel Beijing Quarters) Office Team

Doudian Team

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Susan Qu
General Manager

Zhengzhou Team

Susan Qu

Jiaozuo Team

Geng Ma

City Life Team

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Geng Ma

Bethel’s Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis, and each member oversees an area of the organization (finances, legal, fundraising). The CEO reports to the Financial Committee monthly.

BoardGandD125Guillaume & Delphine Gauvain – France
France Guillaume and Delphine are the founders of Bethel. Originally from France, they have lived in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and China, where they established Bethel China in 2003. They currently live in the Philippines with their three children.


Ben Chan – Malaysia
Ben works as a Director for an investment banking firm, responsible for research and investments in China. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in the UK. He lives in China with his wife Evelyn, and their three children.

BoardYaGuang125Yaguang Peng – Hongkong
Jerry Peng has worked as a lawyer in the UK and Hong Kong as well as founded a private law firm in 1996. He has work experience in the Ministry of Justice in Hong Kong. He advises Bethel on legal issues.