Our Vision

Children with visual impairments living life to the fullest

Our Core Values:

  • Children First
  • High-Quality Projects
  • A Joyful Environment
  • Partnership and Collaboration

Our Mission:

  •  Provide high-quality care, education, life skills and livelihood opportunities to blind and visually impaired orphans in China through foster care projects (Bethel Love is Blind Centers)
  • Prevent blindness, lower orphan rate and increase quality care by conducting eye screenings to identify VI children and partnering with with caregivers of visually impaired children, providing training, community and support (Bethel Outreach)

Our Projects:

Love is Blind Centers:

Bethel runs five foster care projects for blind orphans in China:

  • Doudian: ages 0-10 – 24-hour care, nursery, preschool, primary school education,
  • City Life: age 10-14 – 24-hour care, education and independence project
  • Zhengzhou: ages 1-5 – 24-hour care, early intervention and preschool for VI children in Zhengzhou orphanage
  • Jiaozuo: ages 1-17 early intervention and school for VI children in Jiaozuo orphanage
  • Nanjing: ages 1-5 early intervention and preschool for VI children in Nanjing orphanage

Read the updates about Love is Blind on our blog.

Bethel Outreach

Bethel runs one outreach and training project for caregivers of blind orphans in China. The goals are to:

  • Identify visual impairment in children by conducting eye screenings in orphanages in cooperation with local hospitals
  • Support caregivers including orphanage staff and parents, by building a platform to share experience and a community to encourage one another
  • Educate and increase availability of free educational materials in the form of manuals, videos, trainings and workshops
  • Raise Awareness of visual impairment in Chinese society to show that visually impaired children can live fulfilling lives with dignity
  • Partner with other organisations and people who share our same vision.

Read the updates about Bethel Outreach on our blog.

Financial Integrity:

We operate with the highest financial integrity, requests for more information are welcome: ceo@bethelchina.org