Qingqing (Chris)

Chris arrived at Bethel in March 2018 and he’s been such a joyful addition to our community! He’s always smiling, laughing and playing with others. Chris is currently 7 1/2 years old with low vision and has cysts on his optic nerve. He may be slow to respond, but he’s always observing and taking in what’s happening around him. He has strong communication with his caretakers, and can dress and feed himself.

Chris especially loves music! He’s always the most enthusiastic dancer during morning dance time with a giant smile on his face. He’s great at communicating his needs and building relationships with other kids his age. When he arrived he told a boy close to his age that he was scared. He asked him what life at Bethel looked like. The other little boy said that he was scared when he arrived but felt better soon. Chris asked him and a little girl if they would be friends with him and show him around and they’re inseparable.

He’s in our English classroom to help prepare him for adoption and is paper-ready! For more information visit our Adoption Information page or email adoption(a)bethelchina.org.