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Sponsor Orphan Care

For $35 USD or 300rmb per month, you will be supporting a Bethel child as they grow up in a safe and loving environment, giving them the chance to become self-sustaining in the future. From their food and clothes, heating and water to school books and therapy, the Bethel sponsorship program is designed to meet everyday needs.

Sponsor a Scholarship Student

For $35 USD or 300rmb per month, you will be supporting the education of a blind child in Beijing. Without Bethel's preschool, these children would sit at home without the early intervention they need to become independent and meaningful members of society. Your sponsorship contributes to the scholarship for them to attend our school that empowers them and their families. 

Testimonial: Sponsoring a child is a great way to see what Bethel is doing in the lives of the children that we serve. You will be able to see a child’s progress, learn about how they have learned to walk, to read, go to school and take part in activities. It is a great way to see the ongoing and continuing work of Bethel.

Having sponsors in their lives means that there are more people in the world who love the kids, who encourage them, advocate for them, and help to make their lives a bit happier.

Thank You! We are thankful for all our sponsors who partner with us to ensure that Bethel kids live life to the fullest!

To find more about how sponsorship makes a difference, watch Jennifer’s video about the difference sponsorship made in her family and how it inspired her to be a part of something bigger or read the testimonials below:


Testimonial: "Bethel will forever hold a very special place in my heart. In 2012, I was fortunate to experience Bethel while visiting China.  I immediately fell in love with the children and the staff and I knew that I had found someplace really special. There was one person in particular who stole my heart and her name is Christina (Xiao Hua). Christina and I had an immediate connection and although I was only able to spend a day with her, I knew that she had to stay in my life. I immediately signed up to be one of Christina's sponsors. When I met Christina, she had already surpassed the age of adoption so that was never an option for us. This was devastating news to me but I knew I had to remain a constant in Christina's life and sponsoring her allowed me to do that. 

The $35 that I send to Bethel every month is nothing in comparison to what I receive in return.  The gift of experiencing the lives of the children at Bethel and playing a small role in their progress means more to me than I can articulate.  I am forever grateful to the staff and volunteers who pour their hearts into the children of Bethel and for the sponsors around the world who believe in the life-changing power of hope that Bethel provides."

Testimonial: "Ever since my daughter was born 6 years ago- healthy and deeply loved- I have been drawn to helping children who have not been born into such lucky circumstances. I started following families on social media who had adopted children, and through them I got to know many organizations doing the hard work of caring for- and advocating for- orphans.  I read once that it can be easy to turn away and go back to your life when you think of orphans as nameless, faceless, and far away- but once you see their eyes and know their names, turning away is not an option. That is what happened with me and Bethel. I was drawn to them because of their amazing work with blind children, and I check into their Instagram site almost daily to see how their kids are doing. I have come to know the kids names and faces. I feel honored to support the hard and important work they do every day. And to watch with wonder from my side of the world."

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