Sponsorship Guidelines

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

It costs 35 USD (200 RMB, 30 Euro per month) to participate in the sponsorship programme. Other cur- rencies are around the same amount. There is off course no maximum amount that you can pledge.

The total cost of a Bethel child’s daily living is around 620 USD (4000 RMB, 500 Euro) per month. It is possible to transfer your pledge monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

What does the sponsorship money cover?

The sponsorship fund covers all basic foster care expenses including food, clothes, heating, water, school fees, books, educational supplies, building maintenance and salaries of nannies, teachers and other staff at the foster home.

What payment options are available?

You can pay your contribution using Credit Card, Bank transfer, or in Cash. For accounting purposes we prefer transactions made by either credit card or bank transfer.

Is my sponsorship a designated donation for a child?

No. It would be unfair since some children would get more sponsors than others. Our sponsorship pro- gram helps Bethel meet its operational budget which is designed to care for all the children in a com- prehensive way (physical, medical, educational, psychological and social).

What will I receive as a sponsor?

After signing the sponsorship agreement, you will receive a Sponsorship Welcome Package. This will include confirmation of your particpation in the Bethel sponsorship program, a PDF with photographs and information of your sponsored child.

Can I correspond with your sponsor child?

Yes, you can email them, and send packages, just let us know!

Can I send my sponsor child gifts and a birthday present?

Yes! We have a Bethel birthday fund to ensure that each child always gets a gift and is made to feel special on their birthday. You can donate some extra money for their birthday or ask our staff what the child would most like to receive.

Is there a time commitment for sponsorship?

We most appreciate long-term sponsorship so that we can budget accordingly.

Can I change or stop my sponsorship agreement before the indicated end date?

Yes, you can stop your sponsorship at any time simply by sending us an email to sponsorship(a)bethelchina.org.

What happens if my sponsor child leaves Bethel’s care?

We will let you know as soon as possible if your sponsor child has left Bethel’s care to return to their orphanage or to be adopted. You can then choose to stop your sponsorship or transfer it to another child.

Can I adopt a child?

China has an adoption program run by the China Centre for Adoption Affairs and not through Bethel China. We can provide more information to point you in the right direction.

For more information about our sponsorship programme, email Bethel’s Development Team at sponsorship(a)bethelchina.org