Happy International Blind Persons Day!

Today is "White Cane Safety Day", known in China as "International Blind Persons Day", and we are celebrating the achievements of those who are blind and visually impaired by launching a public awareness campaign called "Look With Your Heart". Bethel China and Jennifer Liao Productions have released a music video and campaign website at www.lookwithyourheart.org [...]

“Look With Your Heart” Public Awareness Campaign Press Release

Yesterday afternoon, in Beijing’s 1949 Jing A Taproom, a group of 100 caring people from the business and NGO community gathered to witness the premier of the music video “Love Is Blind, Look With Your Heart”. The event was hosted charismatically and impressively by nine year old Tracy Fen, who attends the Beijing School for [...]

Child of the week: Hua Mei (May)

Today's "Child of the Week" blog has been written by Claire, who has been Hua Mei's teacher for two months! Hua Mei (May) is a very loveable little girl who made all our hearts melt instantly. When she first arrived at Bethel, she was very shy and was unable to walk or speak much. Since [...]

Child of the week: Liu Xi (Simon)

This week’s child of the week is Liu Xi (Simon). Simon has been at Bethel for a year and a half and it has been wonderful to see him learn and grow during this time. He loves to play and cuddle with his brothers and sisters and he is so much fun. He has low [...]

Adopting Boys: One Year Later!

Velleta Scott and her husband adopted two Bethel boys last year, aged 9 and 11. She wrote a 'two month report' for our blog after the boys had been in their family for two months, and she is returning to our blog with her one year report! She is also the author of "Chapter 5" [...]

The Lighthouse Baby Home

For the past year and a half, the ‘Lighthouse Project’ has been home to our 6 children and young people aged 10+ who have multi-disabilities. They have all flourished living in their home with an amazing team. They live on an amazing site in a converted French monastery in North Beijing. Now we have been [...]

How did I get here? Jes’ story (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1 of Jes’ blog post, make sure you hop over here and read it first!   Two weeks later I was back in the States to raise support for my move to Bethel. I had never done anything like this. I was about to live in the middle of nowhere [...]

How did I get here? Jes’ story (Part 1)

Today, one of our preschool teachers, Jes tells us about why she ended up volunteering with Bethel China. For more information about volunteering with Bethel, email chloe@bethelchina.org   Two years ago, if you would have told me that I would be living in China taking care of children with visual impairments/eye issues who are orphans, [...]

Christina and Sara’s Excellent Adventure

Today we are hearing from Sara, who is one of Christina’s sponsors. She is in China for a few weeks doing some fun, educational activities with Christina to encourage independence. Hope you enjoy her story! Today was a day I have been promising Christina for some time.  We have long talked about going shopping together [...]

2013 Year in Review

What a year! 27 new kids arrived into Bethel China’s care. As of December 2013, there are 81 children in Bethel China’s care from 33 different orphanages all across China. 10 kids graduated from Bethel Doudian's primary school and moved to the City Life Project at the Beijing School for the Blind 18 kids ran [...]

Recent Posts…

Adoption d’un enfant non-voyant/malvoyant : comment se préparer ?

  Témoignage de la maman de Lia, 8 ans, microphtalmie congénitale.   Lia est arrivée dans notre famille il y a presque deux ans. Avant son adoption, elle avait vécu presque toute sa vie au foyer Bethel. Lia s’adapte de façon incroyable, et ce depuis le début ! Notre famille et nos amis sont en [...]

Quand le cœur et la raison s’affrontent

Petite fille de deux ans Leucome cornéen aux deux yeux Nous avions quatre enfants, dont deux avec des handicaps visuels comprenant le strabisme et l’amblyopie. Nous n’avions jamais adopté un enfant à besoins spécifiques, mais les troubles de la vision mineurs, ceux qui peuvent être rectifiés avec des lunettes ou de la chirurgie, ne nous [...]

Adoption de notre fille déficiente visuelle: témoignage

Face à l'inattendu   Nous sommes Karen and Högni et vivons en Islande. Nous nous sommes rencontrés très tôt et vivons ensemble depuis plus de vingt-trois ans. Nous avions tous les deux envie de fonder une famille mais avons choisi de terminer nos études supérieures d'abord. Lorsque nous avons compris que nous ne pourrions pas [...]

Child of the week: Xin Bin (Micah)

Xin Bin (Micah) arrived at Bethel exactly a year ago. This 3 year old loves being cuddled and tickled. He has the cutest smile which shows his tiny teeth so everyone always tickles him to see that beautiful smile. When he arrived at Bethel he could not stand or walk but now he is doing [...]

Love is Blind Print: Bethany Eden Watercolor

We love when friends of Bethel China launch creative fundraising projects! Bethany lived in Beijing for several years and got to know our kids well. She recently moved away to start Bethany Eden Art, painting watercolor paintings and selling prints. She recently launched a new product, "Love Is Blind", to raise money for the kids [...]

Child of the week: Bo Ai Robbie

This week’s child of the week is Bo Ai (Robbie). It’s been almost two months since he had his hand surgery. We are so happy he’s back at Bethel and has been able to start school with the rest of his peers. He has the most beautiful smile and he doesn’t hesitate to use it. [...]

When We Work Together

Tonight, in a hospital in Dallas, Texas, a little boy sleeps. Xiao Dong Danny has had a long day, after his first cranio-facial surgery. The story of how Danny came to be in Texas to have surgery tomorrow is an amazing one. It's full of interactions with organisations and individuals who all play a different [...]

Cheng Du Training

A few weeks ago, Bethel China’s education team traveled to Chengdu in Sichuan province to run a workshop with 54 parents and grandparents of children with visual impairments! Our workshops give practical tools to help their child develop to live life to the fullest. Each time we run a workshop, we see families leave their [...]

Child of the week: Chen Rui (Petra)

Chen Rui (Petra)'s birthday is in January (2010) and she came to Bethel in July 2013. When she first arrived, she was scared and cried a lot. She didn't know how to or want to play with anyone. Even after the first week she began to get more familiar with her surroundings and she gave [...]

Child of the week: Lily!

Lily's Chinese name is Lili, which means beautiful! She is a sweet girl. She loves cuddles and especially loves it when she has her tummy tickled. She can't help but dissolve into fits of laughter!  Lily can feed herself with a spoon, drink water from her own cup and eat with her hands if there [...]