Our Doudian Home and Farm is open to visitors.

Please read through our visitor rules before scheduling a visit.

Culture of Bethel

Bethel is a very special place and it is home to some special children. Visiting their homes and their school is a privilege. We ask our guests to respect their home as you would expect a stranger to respect your own home.

At Bethel we are trying to teach the kids the difference between strangers, family and friends. Visitors fall in the ‘strangers’ category. If the children do not know you, or if they do not remember you, this means that you are a stranger. Please don’t hug the kids, pick them up or touch them without being asked. It is confusing for a blind child to be suddenly picked up by somebody that they have never met before.

Because all of our children are visually impaired, the way that their environment is structured is very important. Don’t move things or put things on the floor. Be especially careful of where you put your shoes.

Bethel Ayis are here to take care of our children and they do a great job. The kids know them, and they know the kids. If a child needs assistance, please inform our ayis, do not do their job for them. You are here to observe and learn, not to work.

A structured school environment is very important for our children. We do not stop or cancel classes so that children can meet visitors as it disrupts teaching and learning. Even though children are blind, they still know that a stranger is in the room!

To schedule a visit, please email Zhang hong5154047(a)  or allie(a)

In your email, please include:

  •  Your name and contact information
  • Date of Preferred Visit and Time
  • Size of Group
  • Main language of your group (Chinese or English)
  • Purpose of your visit (tour, volunteering, donation)
  • Connection with Bethel (have you visited before? How did you hear about Bethel?

Bethel is closed to visitors on Sundays to give the children a rest from school and visitors. An ideal group size is under 15 people. Exceptions can be made.

We sometimes have volunteer projects for groups, particularly during harvest season (visitors can work on our farm). We also sometimes have group outings with our children that guests can help us with. If you are interested in helping, please include this in your email.

The General Manager for this Project is Susan Qu: susanqujieshu(a)

Project Location:

(+86) 010 8031 0383
Tian Yu Shan Zhuang, Xin Zhuang Cun, Zhou Kou Dian, Fang Shan District 102434