Wen Yang (Richard)

Richard was born in March 2012 with Cortical Visual Impairment. This means that his eyes work just fine, but his brain has trouble interpreting the information. The good news is that CVI is treatable with therapy! Richard has been going to occupational therapy and his improvement has been miraculous. After just one session, he learned to walk and since has been happily exploring the world around him. He can now walk, crawl, feed himself and use signs to ask for toys. He can even walk up the stairs to his classroom at school! Since he can move around on his own now, he’s started interacting with the other children.


Richard came to us when he was very small, and he was in another foster home before us. He’s very loved! He loves exploring toys, sitting outside, riding cars, and playing with his teachers. Though he’s not verbal yet, he has recently begun imitating sounds and we hope he’ll start talking soon. Richard is such a wonderful example of what therapy can do for a child. We would love to see him in his own family where he can get the support that he needs.

Watch Yang Yang’s baby video here:

From June 2016:

We are so thankful to be looking after Richard and to encourage him as he gains more awareness of the world around him. He is such a cutie!