Xiao He (Helen)

Xiaohe is a beautiful little girl who was born in September 2011. She was almost 2 by the time she came to Bethel, and she jumped into life at Bethel immediately. Xiaohe has grown so much since she has arrived at Bethel, from learning how to walk to running all over the place. She adjusts to new environments really well.

She loves to ask “why” to the things she does not understand or does not know. She is learning the alphabet and is learning how to write them. She has learned so much fine and gross motor skills throughout the years to help her thrive and she has great self-help skills as well. She is a bright and phenomenal little girl.

She is a delight to have in our care! She loves being silly, running around with her friends, and she is a great helper to her teachers and Aiyis. XiaoHe is a smart, caring, sweet, and beautiful little girl. She has so much potential and we love her so much!