Xin Bo (Bob)

Xin Bo is a fun little boy with the best smile who lives in our Zhengzhou centre. His favorite thing to play with is a big exercise ball. He loves going for walks outside and playing in the playground. He is very loved by his Bethel mamas, who appreciate his gentle spirit. Xin Bo learned how to walk with an Adaptive Mobility Device, and now can walk independently! He is doing well and making great progress!

Love is Blind in Zhengzhou is located within the Zhengzhou social welfare centre, who have provided a space for Bethel to care for their visually impaired orphans. The centre was opened in December 2011. We have some wonderful ayis and teachers at this project and we hope that our project in the Zhengzhou orphanage will be an example to other orphanages, and that we can be a witness of high-quality care. These visually impaired children in Zhengzhou live with foster families in the orphanage and Bethel provides specialized care, therapy and education for these children.