Yu Lin (Levi)

Levi is always giggling! He loves to play with his teachers, caregivers and friends. Levi came to us when he was just a little guy, and he had already had a shunt surgically implanted for his hydrocephalus. He is blind in one eye and has light perception in the other. Though he had some delays, he has participated in occupational therapy (which he loved!) and that has helped him achieve more of his developmental goals. Levi is happiest when listening to music. He actually started singing before he learned to speak! He’s a great napper and loves bedtime. Levi can walk, speak, and is learning self help skills. He loves to be outside and enjoys riding trikes. He thrives with one on one attention and shows affection to those he loves. He’s currently learning to walk with an AMD (assisted mobility device) so that he can use a cane when he is older. He can walk up and down stairs, sit still in class, repeat after his teacher, ask for what he needs, and plays well with others.

Dang Yu Lin Levi


Yu Lin is matched with a family. We are so happy he will be adopted soon