Zhen Lin (Lena)

Zhen Lin is a sweet girl who usually has a big smile on her face. She has autism, and is completely blind. When she first arrived at Bethel, she was underweight due to a mouth condition that made eating very difficult and unpleasant for her. After a lot of patient therapy, she was introduced to new foods and can now eat normally. In the beginning she was also very introverted and had little interest in toys or music. She often simply preferred to sit in a corner and rock by herself. Her birthday is in June (1999).

Zhen Lin has shown a lot of improvement since she first arrived. She is now a great eater, and does much better interacting with people. She has an excellent memory, and can repeat songs and stories that she has memorized after hearing them once. She loves to sing, and will clap her hands to the beat or, if she knows them, do hand motions to whatever she is singing. When she is really happy, she throws her hands into the air as her way of expressing her joy.

Like most girls her age, Zhen Lin loves to have her hair brushed and fixed up. She gets a huge smile on her face whenever her Ayis compliment her on her appearance. Some of her favorite activities are sitting outside on the swing and swimming.

In January 2016, she started attending our new program in her original orphanage in Jiaozuo. This center was started as an early intervention center and long-term care center for children with multiple needs. It has taken her some time to adjust to her new routine but is doing very well with the other kids that have joined the program