Zhen Ming (Caleb)

Caleb is one of the sweetest, kindest boys we have ever had at Bethel. His joyful little heart loves unconditionally. He loves his nannies and teachers, and he always notices when they are not feeling well, or if they are absent for a day. Caleb is in our Chipmunk Class, which is an English Immersion Preschool class. His English teacher didn’t speak Chinese, and when Caleb could sense that she didn’t understand something that another teacher was telling her, he would say, “Don’t worry! I’ll help you, Teacher!” He is learning basic simple English and he loves to share with other kids all the new words he is learning.

Caleb loves arts and crafts, and he created many of the paintings at Bethel! He also enjoys playing with cars and jumping on the trampoline. Caleb uses a cane, but he forgets about it sometimes and runs around outside without it. He plays with the other boys at Bethel and has a lot of friends. He loves to learn and he’s very helpful in class. He likes to be considered a big boy and he feels very important because of his daily chore: delivering the snack to each classroom.

Zhen Ming is matched to a family, we are so excited he will be getting adopted soon