Zi Qiao (Trey)

Trey is the newest kid on the block at Bethel! He has been with us for just a few weeks and it’s been a joy to see him bond with his caregivers and thrive in his new environment. Trey has been in foster care for his whole life, but he had never been to school. In just a few weeks, he has learned new skills like folding his clothes, how to listen and be still in class, put on and take off his shoes, and get his own water. He is learning new things every day and he is so proud of himself for each new accomplishment.

Trey already loves his teacher, and he gets very excited whenever she comes into the room. He is such a loving and affectionate boy, and we would love to see him find a family

Bethel Trey June 2 Web-5 Bethel Trey June 2 Web-8

Trey is paper-ready for adoption. For more information, visit our Adoption Information page or email adoption(a)bethelchina.org.