Zi Shao (Georgie)

Georgie came to Bethel in December of 2016 and is almost 3 years old! He babbles and makes the sound we make when we tickle him, and he can ask for more tickles. He is walking when he holds hands with his caregivers! We are so proud of his progress. We can only imagine what he would be able to do in a family. He can also stand with support and he stands himself up by holding onto the railing of his crib or against the wall. He is so much fun and so interactive with people.

With Anna Jiejie (Our development manager)

He loves to play in the ball pit!


Georgie walking with Anna jiejie!

Georgie can eat finger foods on his own! He was so excited for cookies during snack time that he shoved both into his mouth at the same time.


Georgie is paper-ready for adoption. For more information, visit our Adoption Information page or email adoption(a)bethelchina.org.