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Bethel firmly believes love is the heart of a family, which is why we continue to carry out our mission based on trust in a family unit. While Bethel itself is not an adoption agency, we are committed in advocating for the adoption of all our children in the hopes that their families find them sooner.

More than 150 Bethel children have been adopted into loving homes throughout Bethel’s 15-year history. We hope that number grows. We are steadfast in helping our children prepare for future homes, which is why they have exposure to volunteer teachers in their English classes and Braille studies.

All adoptions in China are handled are handled by the Chinese government through an office called the China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA). There are many children at Bethel that need parents and deserve the love and care of a family. We hope that your love for the children living at Bethel will spur you on to adopting any eligible child, regardless of where they currently reside. Many of Bethel’s children have the proper paperwork, but their uniqueness is buried in a shared list among thousands of others. Bethel’s goal in advocating is for families to see the actual child beyond just a file. Not all are available for adoption, or might already be matched with a family. If you are interested in adopting a particular child you have met or seen at Bethel email for more information. See the amazing Bethel children available for adoption below:

How to Adopt

If you are interested in adopting, you will first need to contact a licensed agency in your country of citizenship. If your country has worked with China to establish a way for its citizens to adopt from China, a licensed agency in your country working with the CCAA will be able to provide you with all of the current requirements and details of the process.

Once you determine you’re eligible and decide to move forward with adoption, your HAGUE accredited adoption agency will help you start and complete your home-study.

Many potential adoptive parents are not open to adopting children with visual impairments because of fear of unexpected challenges and stigma. Raising children who are blind is not that different from raising any other child. If provided with the right resources and the same expectations, kids will meet them. However, many of our families inform us that the visual impairments tend to not be the challenges that they face; instead, our families say they face the typical challenges all transnationally adopted children face. This includes understanding that they are adopted, and come from foreign institutions.

Not only are there many more resources for visually impaired children in adoptive families’ home countries to flourish, but the families who have adopted through Bethel have also created a community support network of families. If you have further questions about raising a visually impaired child, you can always email us at

Raise Awareness

To help spread awareness and familiarize families to what it would be like to parent a visually impaired child, Bethel published Exposed to Hope, an eBook about families who adopted a visually impaired child from China. Parents write honestly about the why, the how and the what happens next of the adoption process. Through real life examples, they share their experiences of meeting their sons and daughters for the first time, navigating the medical and educational system for visually impaired children, and what life as a family looks like for them. It is Bethel’s hope that more families will be open to this need. Click here to download Exposed to Hope through Amazon.

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Sponsor Orphan Care

Support a Bethel child as they grow up in a safe and loving environment, giving them the chance to become self-sustaining in the future. From their food and clothes, heating and water to school books and therapy, the Bethel sponsorship program is designed to meet everyday needs.


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Sponsoring a child is a great way to see what Bethel is doing in the lives of the children that we serve. You will be able to see a child’s progress, learn about how they have learned to walk, to read, go to school and take part in activities. It is a great way to see the ongoing and continuing work of Bethel.
Having sponsors in their lives means that there are more people in the world who love the kids, who encourage them, advocate for them, and help to make their lives a bit happier.



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Image of a child playing Jenga
Image of a child playing Jenga

Get Involved

Your generous donations fuel the care of vulnerable children in China with Visual Impairments.